Thursday, Sept 18th, 2008

Well, I’ve certainly been neglecting this page.

Ok where to begin.

Working at Namco has kept me seriously buisy. So seriously in fact that it has been over 5 months since my last movie and I have nothing to show. I feel as if I’m suffering from cinematic withdrawl as the scenes that have populated my head seem to slip further and further into time.

All’s not such much dispair but moreso impatience. As I work everyday I grow in ways I couldn’t have otherwise. Once this game is shipped I will be an uncaged beast as far as my visions go.

Although much of what goes on in the world has me wondering what’s the next direction I should take my work. What steps I need to take to be able to grow as an artist. One can’t help but reconsider their path, as well as wonder if they were really right about their actual value.

I feel I have something to contribute to the world, something no one else has. But being that person means I’m quite far from the kind of person who know how to “sell” themself. Thus making life suite itself to my purpose. Now my natural instinct would be to learn how to become that person, because it has been a theme of my life, that nothing good ever came out of waiting to be noticed. There are few I’d trust to help me with this, and yet I am simply not built in a way that understands how to market myself as a person.

It is a predicament that has me on days of ups and downs. Will it ever be like simpler times when there was only me and my work? Perhaps I am overthinking, spending too much time on the internet, checking messages and googling my name. Afterall, there’s still no one else who does what I do.

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