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  1. Hello Mr. Monty Oum I have been I a fan of yours for a very long time, and I only discovered your insane Dead fantasy series in August. Lets just say Epic, Bloody epic. I know can get crazy and decision and responsibilities will come and go, I just hope you do continue the series soon, because you have a huge following from a little island in the caribbean Trinidad and Tobago. We were all dumbfounded and blown away by your saga at our Ainme City this year. I hope by the time our event rolls around you may your 6th installment to show, if not we patiently await your genius.


    Take care

  2. Hey Mr. Monty. (If I Called You Monty, It Would Be Weird)
    My First Video Of Yours Was Dead Fantasy II. I was going WTF Is this? ITS SO AWESOME!!
    Then I Started Watching Them All The Time. Dead Fantasy 1-5 Is What I Seen And Your Other Videos We’re Awesome. xD. I Think You Create The Video Game Of Dead Fantasy. But That’s Your Choice. xD But Anyway. Keep It Up Is What Im Saying. I Love Your Videos And Hope Your 6th Video Comes Around Your Way!!


    Btw. Just an Idea for your dead fantasy Thing. Ya Don’t Have To Take It But Just Saying.
    Since You Gotten Characters From Final Fantasy 7,8, 10 & 10 Part 2.
    Why Not Get Someone From FF9? Like Beatrix With Her Sword & Magic.
    Or Freya With Her Spear And Dragon Skills? Or Maybe Garnet Or Eiko Summoning But That Wouldnt Be Cool Cause we Already Saw That Epic Idea You Used Already.
    This Is Only Coming Out Of Nowhere Because I was Playing FF9 About 3 Days Ago And Just remember Dead Fantasy. So You Can Take This Idea Or Not That Your Choice.
    Because They Are Your Videos and Not Mine.

  3. I just wanted to know how long you’ve been working on your animation skills.

    I’m sure you’ve already said this, and if not, your being sneaky about it. But that’s fine, because that’s what a lot of people with amazing talent do.

    If you could, could ya tell us all how you got started from, and what started you?
    All help would be astronomically helpful.

  4. Another thing…. Do you think we’ll be seeing Jan Lee?
    …Cause that would be totally amazing in every possible sense of the word, and even more than that.

  5. Hello ^^
    Just here to say, take all the time in the world you need. There is no rush for the epicness that you make. ^^ I been your fan from the beginning and i will wait patiently for the next eps of all your series. ^^

    From your fan, Replay

    P.S. Have fun ^-^