The Next Step

Well well well, here I am again sitting in a Starbucks quite soon before I once again move to another life. I managed to stay longer this time though, being here in Northern California for almost a year and a half. These changes always seem to come at me while I’m not expecting it. You can tell I’m in silicon valley, I’m sitting in a lounge chair surrounded by a good variance of eastern enthinicities all using enormous laptops. It took bloody forever to even manage getting a seat with a plug nearby. I’ve come to like it here, as little as I venture out to the world, I like that the people here feel somewhat modernized, interested in moving forward, and the common interest in bettering oneself. It’s something to admire being able to find such in a large group of people.

I’m quite excited to start my next career though. One that’ll yeild itself to a more productive lifestyle. As much as I love designing games, I find that the industry on it’s own does not share my interes in productiveness. though I’ve been here for 16 months, looking back, I’d gone 7 months too long of not being productive and should’ve made this decision sooner. The games industry is much too comfortable sitting around on the promise of creating something great, all it’s possiblity and talent burning itself towards the possiblity of nothing. So hereby I had recently decided that I need to step out of game development, it just didn’t make sense, to think about jumping onto another project and in two years having “my name on something.” The hesitance was in that I love to design games, and I think I have a lot to offer. Something that many people whom worked with me saw. But unfortunately there’s much more to the equation and therefore fighting this uphill battle was ultimately futile.

Thus soon enough tomorow I make leave for Austin Texas. I’d never imagined I’d end up there, having no concept really of what to expect, other than it being hot. Otherwise, my moving there has definite promise. The team I’m joining in fact has much in common to my backwards sense of things, and this marriage of technique will benefit us both in some many ways I’m not to speak of. I can tell you on the other hand that you can expect some big things, and they whom I am join are doing everything I am not… and vice versa. Only good things can come from this.

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  1. “…tomorrow I make leave for Austin Texas.”

    Hmmm, interesting. I’m curious who you are going to be working with. I have my suspicion who it is…

  2. Just out of curiosity as an old school fan I’ll admit to being depressed about you droppin out the digital rat race…………..wanted you to be a rival (AND LOOSE TO ME AND SIGN A CONTRACT FOR A CROSS-OVER GAME BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!) But I understand you might be under some form of N.D.A. like me sadly but it’s with a manga deal I wasn’t even lookin for but I digres as I’am ranting?

    What field you gonna jump in now man??Is this gonna put road/D.F> on hold for even longer.

    P.S.Can you PLEASE comeback to chicago (ACEN) and give out the hole DF 1-5 sadly my old dorm got robbed man so they go the HOOOOOOOOOOOLE thing dawg…………….cries.

  3. Good luck

  4. Life has a funny way of prodding you in different directions - I started out in electronics and now I’m in literature. Good luck Monty, you’ll have to give us the run-down on your current job one of these days. Intriguing!

  5. Why do so many people go on about road and df, but nobody seems to remember icarus. I’d LOVE to see a sequel to that. The first one was really well-done, especially for how early on in your development it was.

    Anyway, hope whatever you’re doing in Texas has turned out to be as awesome as you hoped.