Last night or rather this morning I had quite an interesting dream. I dreamt of an episode of ROAD wherein myself and some of my friends were back in highschool (when Road itself will be set.)

There’s this really pretty girl I know, Lena Guo. She’s like fictional character pretty, someone you’d see in an anime or video game. She was there, and so was my other friend Dara, even though our ages are five years apart, we were somehow were in high school together. There were many others, but the faces are a haze.

Road is a series I’d been planning on rebooting for the longest time now. Previous episodes despite the efforts, were really stupid. A silly stupid, but nonetheless they don’t hold up to standard.

I think the dream was invoked by a thought I had earlier that night. I remembered earlier this month when I was leaving Anime Expo, as the event winded itself down and people were thus scattering about back to their lives, I passed by this pretty girl whom was crying. I found myself wondering what could it be, asking her if everything was alright.

“I’m ok”

Of course would be the response. And respectfully I walked away, looking back every so often, wondering if there was more I could do.

I curse myself when I think about what I could’ve done, checked back later, found her some tissues, ran off and buy her flowers. Anything but simply walk away. Even at least be a little more forward. I hate being somewhat slow witted when it comes to interacting with people. I’ll never be that guy I guess.

In my dream there was some event in which everyone was gathered, a pep rally perhaps? Maybe it was some sort of Party. Otherwise Lena and I stole away to some room where she sought my council.

Now mind you Lena and I don’t know each other that well. It’s kinda a passing friendship so I imagine she was there to represent something more than her actual self. The heartache I get when I think of the underlying turmoil that I suspect from beautiful girls perhaps? It’s that despite the world assuming they must be happy that invokes this empathy.

Anyhow fuzzy recalls of trying to sneak out food with some buddies as the principal hunted us down in good fun. Or me and Dara sneaking into apparently the school arcade to steal in some games of Tekken 6. The one part that had me glad I slept in was right before I awoke.

Cut back to Lena and I talking, myself trying to pry what sort of turmoil exactly it was that had us talking. I don’t recall if she was crying, but I do know that she became more and more offended. Eventually offended enough to the point that she would turn my words around and in turn was counseling me. As conversation shifted and she plied my open thoughts as to why I even cared, her council had us then figure out it was I who was the one that was crying.

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  1. Its lovely when you have dreams with meanings like that, and if you wanted to go back and retry ROAD im sure everyone will support you. You have come a long way im sure it would be fantastic!

    Oh and the girl was crying because of what you did to tifa =p

  2. Dude, why does this make me love you?
    Gah, you sound like such an awesome guy.

  3. I know this sounds completley fake and as if im just bouncing of this post to try to get you to do something but im really not. I had a dream the other day where Dead Fantasy I & II were playable.

    I was playing as tifa (even in DFI for some reason) and then kairi but then you got tired of making them games so you made DFIII a movie >.< Something like that…

    Anyway monty if you ever feel like taking on another project you could start development of a DF game, you would just have to find a good programmer guy and then send him the animations and 3d models with instructions on how you want the game. You could take animations from the movies and cut them out into attacks in the game!

    It should probably be done after the series though, if you wanted to make it follow the storyline…

  4. Mr Monty “OWNZZ”, I just wanna let you know your work on DF is amazing! The fight with the katana swords and the floor jack in part 5 is my favorite. *Tifa’s KWON skills FTW!* I would love to win the lottery and pay you and as many people is needed to keep this project running. Thank you for DF and I can’t wait for what is next.

  5. Submitted on 2009/07/31 at 1:25am

    Hello Mr Monty!

    I just wanted to take a minute to congratulate you on your latest achievement in the Dead Fantasy Series! This is truly amazing! I’ve been watching your work for a little over a year now and am amazed each and everytime of this storyline you deliver!

    OH! And the Easter Eggs were a very nice touch!

    “It’s only after you truly understand love…
    That you know absolute fear”

    “She needs my help…”

    Much appreciated for the most excellent work! I will send you all my support and best wishes!


  6. about the dream mate now i’m no expert or anything, but a dream you have is a dream u make, whatever somone says to you in a dream you are actualy telling yourself that or remember somone telling you something from before.
    if you look at your dream that perspective it becomes more clear, you mention your friends and the girl that was crying at AX, having fun with your friends and then remembering the girl that was crying and saying how you wanna help her but dont know how. then you mention how lena was gething frustrated and started turning your words agains you. could be that the girl you saw crying and lena are the same in your dream.
    in general it sounds like you have good friends, have allot of fun, and you want to bring your happyness to others especialy when there down like that girl you saw.
    i clearly dont know you personaly but this is what i make of it, maybe it helps understanding the dream if it realy frustrates you. and dont worry about the girl, she was just crying, not she wasent dying a slow death, that day the cried, but she’ll have manny days with joy aswell. but if your ever in the same situation again follow your own advice that helped so manny newbie artists (including myself), “i shouldnt be thinking what i could have made, i should be thinking what i can make” and “i dont know how far i could go, but i knew that if i worked as hard as i could it would leave me somewhere” those are about you making movies, but it counts in RL situations to m8.

  7. Hi monty. I would have to say I have seen a bunch of videos but the Dead Fantasy videos are just mad tight. I mean wow yo. I have even shown the videos to non fans of the final fantasy and dead or alive series and they still thought they were amazing. I can’t wait till the next one. I am gonna recommend all my friends to watch them. Take care yo and I hope the best=]

  8. amazing….theres only 1 person in here that has commented you so far.
    i just found out about you 30 minutes ago and in my 10 years surfing the net and whatnot i have not found anything better than your vids. they deliver everything that any gamer fan could ask for.
    you are god.

  9. Monty Oum, Ive been following your work on GameTrailers.com for a while now and I must admit, your one of the best Ive seen out there. From ROAD to Haloid to Dead Fantasy 5 your work has improved so much that its almost impossible to imagine that it comes to you with such ease with the stroke of a keyboard.

    Im a custom painter/mechanic/ and car show enthusiast. I currently burn your work to DVD’s to play in my ride while at the shows. First: Your videos help draw in a crowd due to your awesome work. Second: people in general just love fantastic art. Third: I want none other than to help get your name out there, just for people to know that even if times are tough, and all seems hopeless, if you do what you love, you can make a dream happen and possibly a career. I plan on one day trying to come up with a mural scheme of Dead Fantasy and lay down some paint on my ride just to show appriciation to the art of combining imagination, CGI, and art all in one.

    Sorry for the long ramble, just wanted to say you are a great individual and I hope for nothing but the best (not that things arent good already.. you work for a gaming company as a animator!). Keep up the awesome job!


  10. ^_^hello there
    well I dont know if you can(remake)or boost the old road eps it was good for me
    anyway I was attracted by this
    “I curse myself when I think about what I could’ve done, checked back later, found her some tissues, ran off and buy her flowers. Anything but simply walk away. Even at least be a little more forward. I hate being somewhat slow witted when it comes to interacting with people. I’ll never be that guy I guess.”
    I guess this is what we pay for sitting 2 long in front of the computer >not real ppl<

    good job with dead fantasy (not that you dont know that already)
    and thank you very much
    keep up the good work

  11. Aww, there’s no use dwelling in the past. You’re a wonderful person for thinking about what you could’ve done to make her feel better, and I’m sure that if she knew your thoughts, she’d be better already. ^^

    Your animations rock, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more!

  12. That’s very inspring.

  13. You are awesome! I like dreams with those meanings. Makes you think doesn’t it lol.

    Can’t wait to see more work from you

  14. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

  15. This and Some Fair Company are so, for the lack of a better word, valid. It looks like you didn’t want any comments on Some Fair Company, but I felt the need to let you know that you made a great impact in sharing your experiences. For what it’s worth, I’m in 100% agreement with your observations and what-have-you. See you in print bro.

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