This is back when I first showed this years new Dead Fantasies in Anime Boston 2009. I was surprised that as many people had shown up as did. I’m told I speak rather cryptically apparently.

Doing these panels are good fun. There were some pretty absorbed people here, I’m glad to always share. I hope to do more panels in the future. It was great. I wish I could have the screen running here on the vid more, but.. ya know. Work work work.

“A pencil, is kinda like a muffin…”

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  1. I really enjoyed your panel, you really did a good job of making people believe that it is possible to achieve what you’ve achieved in your beautifully choreographed videos. I’ve always been in awe of your work, but I believe I was more in awe of your humility in pointing out your mistakes, letting people laugh a bit at your expense, and teaching the attendees that absolute perfection is not completely necessary to directing a project such as this. I only wish I had made it out to the con this year! What you do is truly inspiring.

    Thanks again Monty, I really look forward to seeing your future works - especially what you’ve been up to at your new job!

  2. Hi monty,
    Since I couldn’t find a email address anywhere, I just post it here.
    Could you perhaps contact me, if you got time ?
    It’s about you and the convention(s) I’m staffmember of in the Netherlands.
    As most of the people in Holland saw your movies, it might be interesting here for you.

    By the way, I love your video’s, and nice videos at that convention you went to, hope you we’rent tired and broken afterwards

    - Power2All

  3. Heheh. I was actually going to come here and talk about how much I enjoy your work and how much I enjoyed seeing the video of you at the con (even though it was a little hard to hear some of the stuff you were saying on the video, but most videos like these are like that) but it looks like Fripp beat me to it. XD

    So, I guess I’ll just say, “Ya, what he said.”

  4. These videos were great. Awsome job!