Moving Again

Slowly but surely building this mofo.

News news news…
My Chicago Apt is now empty. I am writing this sitting in the Starbuck’s ’round the corner waiting to fall alseep to wake up to catch my plane. I’ll be going home for a short break before heading out to Santa Clara CA where my new job at Namco Bandai awaits me. I’m kinda looking forward to being on the west coast again. A new area, hopefully make some new friends. I am not looking forward to on the other hand being an 8hr flight away and a 3hr time difference behind from my girlfriend. It’s gonna be hard, that’s as much as I know.

And despite being uprooted and totally flying by the handle, I’m still gunning it at makign my next movie. It doesn’t matter where I am or what condition I’m in, so long as I have my laptop and a power outlet I’ll be working.

If coffee were water, I’d be a duck.

Quack Quack

P.S. This site is still under heavy construction

P.S. P.S. - Goodbye Chicago

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