Starting Fresh

Let’s try this again shall we?

As you can see (or maybe not) I changed my page to be a wordpress blog. It’s just best considering this makes it much easier to update etc. I suppose simpler is better.

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  1. U guys make the best animations i ever seen in my life. I hope u contiuone to make more and more animatoins as time goes on. Good luck and im lookin forward to the next dead fantasy animations.

  2. “U guys make the best animations i ever seen in my life” i think you made monty verry happy with that one.
    everything u see in DF was made by 1 person only and his name is monty oum.
    monty need to reupload his info on here or people gonna think “monty oum” is some company with a team of animators rofl

  3. Love your work Monty. Road, Haloid, and Dead Fantasy are awesome! I’ve noticed that some people complain about flaws in your work, but some of them don’t realize that if you make everything perfect, then you can’t improve and if you can’t improve, then there’s no excitement in waiting for the next piece of work that artist releases. Can’t wait for the next episodes of the Dead Fantasy series. Keep on improving! I hope to see some more Road episodes too.

  4. Keep it up, never give up on your dreams, and I look forward to your future work.

  5. Hey Monty

    Just like to say that your animations kick ass!

    DF4, when liberi fatali was playing, when Yuna was using her staff, Perfect timing! Had me so excited to see what was going to happen ^_^

    Really really cannot wait to see the rest of the DF series! I was wondering though, are you going to use any characters from final fantasy 9???